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Shabana Bashir

About me

I love to know what makes us do the things we do. Why do we inhabit certain behaviours and how can these differ from siblings raised in the same home, same environment, with similar opportunities?

I have had a long career in Education both as a teacher and a school leader where I often ask this question ‘what holds some students from growing and overcoming the challenges they face?’  Even the student with top grades has challenges in other areas. 

I have repeatedly observed similar behaviours in friends, family, and more importantly myself. ‘Leading me to ask,  Why these behaviours, how do we break free from them?’

The answer;  beliefs. The beliefs we embody and are not aware of. These  beliefs live deep inside our nervous system in our subconscious mind. 

As an educator the mind and learning fascinated me and the breakthrough came when I started to learn about Neuroplasticity, neuroplasticity  tells us the brain can continue to grow and change as we get older and older yet! We could be 100 and still learn something new and even better change unwanted behaviours.  To do this we need to get to the root just like a gardener pulling out the unwanted weeds and instead planting seeds we want to see grow. The seeds that give us  flowers that bring joy in our lives tantalizing the senses and make us feel at ease and at peace in our everyday lives. 

Too often we try to talk through our problems.  Although this can be helpful and bring some benefits. True change can only happen when we find the root cause, identify it, reframe it,  and transform it. Getting deep into our subconscious mind we can pull out those weeds, we can get down to the roots, which have buried themselves deep into our bodies. Old programming keeps us stuck but the great news is that we can rewrite the program,  shift our beliefs, and change our stories and take control of our lives.

Does any of this resonate with you? If so, have you tried Rapid Transformational Therapy?.  When I tried Rapid Transformational Therapy or RTT?  I wished I had come across this earlier, when  I went through a heartbreaking divorce, when my whole world was ripped apart. I spent so much time in therapy trying to understand what had gone wrong. If I had known of RTT I know I would have saved myself so much time and money as I got back into the driver’s seat of my life. 

I specialise in helping you rewire your brain so the correct message gets through and unwanted behaviours / feelings CAN change. RTT incorporates Neuro Linguistic Programming and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. In my safe hands, I will lead you into a state of deep relaxation and  work with your subconscious mind, then coach you to translate, reframe, and finally transform your beliefs so you may start living the life you want.

Shabana Bashir - RTT


What if you could overcome limiting beliefs that were holding you back and take control of situations in your life… What would that look like?

What if you could kick habits that appear to be controlling you and finally at last you can show yourself that you are the one in charge and you can kick that habit into the bin forever and be free from it…

What if you dream of being a powerful confident speaker who is able to deliver speeches clearly and with conviction making others sit up and listen!…

What if you no longer have to try another new diet and you have complete control of your weight as you have never had before…

What if anxiety has become a thing of the past because you, YES YOU! Have shown it,  who’s the real boss…

What if you could sleep, a beautiful sleep the whole night through knowing that your amazing body is healing itself and regulating your nervous system so you may wake up refreshed and happy to greet the day…

If you dream of any of the above things, and think If only, What if then contact me for a free consultation. Where we can figure out if RTT is the therapy for you and I can help you with your what if…